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Programs for different lifestyles
Peak One Fitness offers a number of different programs that reflect the various needs and lifestyles of our members:
Personal Fitness Orientation                   Personal Training
When you become a member, you will receive a           Our certified personal trainers will design
free personal fitness orientation. This will help you         individual and small group training sessions
become familiar with the different types of equipment     custom- tailored to meet your unique needs
that will best suite  your fitness needs. For annual            and goals.  Private and partner training
members we offer you a special deal, every 3-months    sessions available, as well as small group
you will receive a 30 -minute training                                  training.                             consultation!                                                                                           
Starting June 19th 
Every Wednesday's 5:00 pm
$10.00 a class  
Non Members are welcome $12.00   

Call Mary 970-333-0260

Hiking Club
Every Wednesdays Mt. Royal
9:00 am